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System One Medical’s Dual-Ply Piggyback Labels are the perfect solution for Patient Charge, Pharmacy, and Central Supply label applications.

Our Dual-Ply Piggyback Labels provide flexibility and convenience with the unique feature of CLEAR Liner Backing. This feature allows you to peel off the top layer with printed information, leaving a CLEAR liner behind to avoid obstruction of critical item information!

A variety of colors are available in addition to custom pre-printed layouts.

Looking for a Particular Dual-Ply Label Layout? Contact Us to assist you in finding your perfect Dual-Ply Piggyback Label!



1.14" x 1.1"

Paper Dual-Ply with Clear Liner

30 rolls per box


  • YELLOWITEM # L23-0004Y
  • BLUEITEM # L23-0004B
  • GREENITEM # L23-0004G
  • ORANGEITEM # L23-0004O
  • WHITEITEM # L23-0004W

To label items with the ability to peel top layer of printed information off, leaving a clear liner avoiding obstruction of information on items!

Ideal for Patient Charge, Pharmacy, and Central Supply Departments.

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