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System One Medical strives to create convenience for our hard working healthcare market. In efforts to assist in eliminating abundance of material and requirements on large quantities – we can simplify your inventory record keeping with our Label and Ribbon Kits!

We did the math for you! Kits are packaged with the right number rolls of labels and corresponding rolls of ribbons- making it easy for our customers to open the box and immediately begin loading media for their application, all while providing confidence that the ribbon and labels are compatible.

Kits are available for a variety of label sizes! Contact Us to obtain details and information on how we can provide your staff the flexibility and convenience of utilizing kits.


System One Medical has available a variety of Label and Ribbon Kits each unique to meet your Barcode Label application needs.

Please Contact Us and a Sales Representative will assist you in identifying which specialized kit is best suitable for your department and application!

4x2, 4x1.5, 3x2, 2x1.25

Tabletop and Desktop Printers


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To receive compatible Barcode Sterilization Labels and Ribbons for Tray Tracking applications at your convenience- simplifying inventory record keeping and minimizing error on incorrect media loading on hardware devices.

** Labels and Ribbons are Validated for STEAM, STERRAD, V-PRO, and VP4 sterilization **

ITEM #: L51-T005
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ITEM #: L51-TH01
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ITEM #: L51-TX01
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How To Order

Ready to order? Submit your Purchase Order or System One Medical Order Form to our sales department. Stocked items ship same day order is received!