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System One Medical’s specially formulated and Validated SteriTrack Labels provide confidence and reliability for all Tray Identification and Tray Tracking applications. System One Medical labels are composed of a stronger, thicker and more durable material when compared to standard labels out on the market. In addition to high quality material, we take it one step further and utilize our ultra-aggressive adhesive : perfectly formulated for wrappers and metal trays. Our experience and expertise have led to the creation of the ultimate product for barcode labeling.

Label Measuring: 4″ Width x 2″ Height

L51-A170 Series


Small 1" core Large 3" core


  • WHITEITEM # L51-A170
  • YELLOWITEM # L51-A170Y
  • PINKITEM # L51-A170P
  • BLUEITEM # L51-A170B
  • GREENITEM # L51-A170G

Sterilization Labels to identify trays for Tray Tracking applications.

** Validated for STEAM, STERRAD, V-PRO, and VP4 sterilization **

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