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System One Medical’s Date Related Load Labeling System can provide your department the most complete solution available. We offer 12 colors along with the largest label layout selection for color coded sterility date.

Looking to create your own Load Label layout? Our sales department can work with you on creating your own custom label!

L22 Series

Paper: 1,125 Synthetic: 800

1.02" x 0.63"

Paper, Synthetic

24 rolls per box + FREE ink roller


Sterilization Record Keeping

** Validated for STEAM , STERRAD, V-PRO, VP4 Sterilization **

  • Paper and Dual-Ply material is recommended for STEAM only
  • Synthetic material is recommended for Steam, STERRAD, V-PRO, VP4

1,125 labels/roll

  • Color :
  • REDITEM # L22-0014
  • GREENITEM # L22-0019
  • BLUEITEM # L22-0023
  • More Colors AvailableCall for details

800 labels/roll

  • Color :
  • REDITEM # L22-2114
  • GREENITEM # L22-2119
  • BLUEITEM # L22-2123
  • More Colors AvailableCall for details

833 labels/roll

  • Color :
  • REDITEM # L23-0029R
  • More Colors AvailableCall for details

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