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System One Medical’s NEW SM8 Electronic Event Related Load Labeling System offers the most innovative and up to date complete load labeling and record keeping solution. Barcode functionality and full tray or bundle item description can now be added to your label, all in one simple step.

TheSM8 System can be easily customized to your labeling needs. With our pre-programming services, your team will be able to print multiple load labels in seconds! Increasing productivity and eliminating the Human Error Factor – our SM8 Electronic Load Labeling System automatically prints Date, Julian Date, and Time along with many pre-printed and label layout options available.

FREE trials available! Contact our sales department to join the next phase in today’s load labeling and record keeping application. Our highly trained product consultants will be glad to review all details and benefits that this new and innovating system has to offer.



Label Measurement: 1.5″ x 0.75″

Label Material – replace X with:

A for SYNTHETIC material

P for PAPER material

Label & Ribbon Kits contain just the right amount of labels per roll of ribbon- providing a convenience of reducing minimum quantities, creating more space for inventory in storage, and assuring our customers that the correct corresponding media is provided and ready to print!

  • REDITEM # L51-X45RK

Sterilization Record Keeping

** VALIDATED for STEAM, STERRAD, V-PRO, and VP4 Sterilization **

  • To print Load Control Labels clearly with no smear or smudging
  • Information clearly printed for easy readability.
  • Eliminating the Human Error Factor with automatic Date/Time feature
  • Increase productivity by printing more labels per second

How To Order

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