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System One Medical’s SteriTag System is our newest sterilization cutting edge solution to TAG and COLOR CODE all your items fast and efficiently –  specifically designed to reduce costly mistakes and improve Item Management and Tray Identification.

Classic SteriTags safely withstand SteamEOSTERRAD and VPRO sterilization including chemical wash procedures with our exclusive VALIDATED and durable synthetic formula; overall, providing you confidence that your item will securely be identified.

These versatile and reusable tags are compatible with your Barcode Labeling Systems including Censis/Applied Logic, Microsystems, and T-Doc! Write your information directly on the SteriTag or simply enhance your Barcode Label application by adding Color SteriTags to your solution with our SteriTag System. This coding system provides the Central Sterile Processing/CSSD and Surgery Departments the ability to further manage and identify all instruments, trays and equipment in a cost-effective manner.

In addition to Tray Identification, the hang tag application method on our Classic SteriTags offer you the flexibility of applying this system to a variety of different size and shape items such as Walkers, IV pumps, PCA pumps, SCD machines, Oxygen Tanks, Commodes, Crutches, Blood Pressure Monitors, and anything that comes in contact with a patient – overall improving Item Management!

Looking for a Custom SteriTag? Contact Us to obtain our complete Plate List of available Pre-Printed SteriTags – OR – create your very own unique Custom SteriTag!


2.25" x 8.25"

500 tags per box


  • YELLOWITEM # L51-T006Y
  • WHITEITEM # L51-T006W
  • REDITEM # L51-T006R
  • BLUEITEM # L51-T006B
  • GREENITEM # L51-T006G
  • PINKITEM # L51-T006P
  • ORANGEITEM # L51-T006O

To tag and color code items to improve Item Management and Tray Identification.

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